To us, a cruise on the Virgo means...
Freedom to visit countless destinations as you map out your own route for your holiday.
An opportunity to have the unique experience of travelling on a traditional Scooner and sailing on the endless blue waters of the Aegean.
Exclusive approach to inaccessible beaches. Luxury and fun at the most popular destinations on the cosmopolitan Greek islands
Escape from daily routine...
Our aim is to come up with suggestions and plan together a cruise that will enrich your trip, highlight your corporate philosophy and meet your every desire to perfection.

Day cruise   3-day cruise around Halkidiki
Virgo sails along the eastern coast of Thessaloniki Gulf, as far as Epanomi, where you can have a swim,
try some fishing and take sailing lessons.
A navy-style lunch is offered onboard.

The return journey, enjoying a cocktail while admiring the unique Thessaloniki sunset, couldn’t be more romantic!
  Halkidiki, with it’s three peninsulas, Cassandra, Sithonia and the Holy Mount Athos, is justifiably one of the most favourite places for both Greek and foreign travellers who love the crystal clear waters, good food and intense lifestyle. Nevertheless, for those looking for some rest and relaxation, the tiny island of Amouliani.